Why to Choose Responsive Website Design for Your School Website?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
School websites are becoming increasingly vital and common for use within schools particularly the use of the intranet. School websites are heavily dependent on interactivity both for staff and students. It is therefore important that school sites are designed with responsiveness as a priority. With a responsive design, the school website could benefit staff, students and website guests.

Responsive website design is important not just for school sites but for all websites. The speed and interactivity of a website is important as it heightens as well as enhances engagement for website readers. Interactive parts of the site can be engaging if they are responsive enough for example, if your website had an interactive educational games section that is instantly accessible as well as responsive, it could appeal to the younger website users whom are using the website.

For more mature uses, the response of a website can also be important. School websites are regularly including the use of the intranet-a closed network if you will. This closed network can be accessed as well as used by both staff and students. This part of a website should be designed with responsiveness in mind. You would not want a quality website but then a poorer intranet crippled by speed.

The intranet could well be a key component of your school website design as it may be where you get the most use from your website-especially if your school is a high school. Having slow, unresponsive load times would harm both staff and students alike. It is important to have quality response through design as well as perhaps capable servers to withstand the usage of this network capability.

Overall, the responsiveness of a website can certainly be enhanced through website design. Certainly including components such as a closed network/intranet will do much to harm how well a website can function as well as respond to requests. Nonetheless, an interactive and responsive design will do much to enhance the engagement as well as interactivity of the website for guests using the website.

Including interactive segments on the website is a viable option particularly for websites aimed at Primary School level. Using educational games in a dedicated child friendly section can do much to engage the website user also. For higher educational levels, the use of an intranet system is almost guaranteed as it is becoming a point of accessibility for both staff and students alike. Ensuring the design of this is responsive will do much to help the component deal with the high usage levels.


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